Established in 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark by Arshad Khan, Artplus has grown to become what it is today. Moving from a small basement office to a large space with large format printing machinery, Artplus has come a long way. As a matter of fact, Artplus now has an office in The United States, Pennsylvania!

Artplus is a company that can be categorized in two main sectors, the Graphic design industry and the Product development industry.

"Balance is the key to everything"

  • The graphic design part of the company handles new as well as existing companies who wish to create or change their brand identity digitally and physically. We provide packaged solutions for companies in a wide wariety of services that include their marketing material as well as their online presence for example their logo, business cards, hand-outs, websites, adverts, menucards, posters etc.

  • The product development side of the company focuses on environmentally responsibly developed products that aim to ease the life of socially vulnerable groups of people such as seniors, children, physically impaired, the homeless, the jobless etc. all based on the principles of the blue ocean marketing model.

We aim to combine danish design principles and american cultural principles to bridge the two worlds.

We offer products and solutions that are executed at a high standard level with the lower and middle class consumer in mind.

We want to introduce new products to the american market that helps and motivates socially vulnerable people to take the step out of their safezones and get into or back into the labour market.


Arshad Khan | Owner

Arslan Khan | Co-Owner

Farhana Khan | Marketing

Saima Imran | Media Graphics

Greentech, Medico & CSR

Our target customers are mainly B2B. large medical institutions as well as smaller private business such as restaurants. We don't sell physical products, we design them and manufacture them with a user centered design approach. Our target customers have throughout the years shaped itself via the way we've marketed ourselves, which is heavily geared towards maintaining the customers needs and demands for implementation of their amazing ideas, as well as our own.



Companies are always looking to sell more and do more efficiently. we help these private as well as public businesses grow by keeping them up to date with their visual profile. first impression is important, as well as transparency and communication within the business and from business to consumers.


For USA enquiries:

+1 (570) 236-4090

Artplus LLC, 380 Greentree Dr,

East Stroudsburg, 18301, Pennsylvania

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